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We provide free transportation in Cancun. No deposit to book. Pay the day of your trip.

Special Offer


Sealine 55'

$1,100 usd per 5 hrs (20 pax)
Special Offer


Yacht 46'

$250 usd p/h (12 pax)
Special Offer


SeaRay 46'

$230 usd p/h (14 pax)
Special Offer


SeaRay 35'

$175 usd p/h (6 pax)

Toll Free USA & CANADA 1 866 273 5347

If you are in Cancun (998) 848 3257

Our luxury yachts can fulfill your needs so you can be very comfortable and just having a great day on board.

Let us take care of your family, your friends, relax and enjoy the ride! The beautiful Mexican Caribbean is waiting for you! is a very professional team. Enjoy the best experience in yacht cruising in Cancun, Cozumel and Riviera Maya.


Maxum 30"
$165usd p/h

SeaRay 35"
$175usd p/h

SeaRay 37"
$195usd p/h

Silverton 42"
$240usd p/h

SeaRay 46"
$250usd p/h

SeaRay 45" II
$280usd p/h

SeaRay 46"
$285usd p/h

SeaRay 44"
$285usd p/h

SeaRay 40"
$300usd p/h

SeaRay 47'
$375usd p/h

Formula 48"
$363usd p/h

Sunseeker 48"
$370usd p/h

SeaRay 45' III
$388usd p/h

SeaRay 46"
388usd p/h

SeaLine 47"
$390usd p/h

Azimut 48"
$395usd p/h

Crunchi 48"
$400usd p/h

Sunseeker 55"
$395usd p/h

SeaRay 54"
$413usd p/h

Crunchi 43"
$420usd p/h

Atlantis 55" I
$400usd p/h

Sunseeker 53 "
$450usd p/h

SeaRay 55"
$440usd p/h

SeaRay 53"
$440usd p/h

Atlantis 55" II
$450usd p/h

Azimut 58"
$550usd p/h

Sunseeker 65"
$650usd p/h

Azimut 60"
$600usd p/h

Sunseeker 60"
$650usd p/h

Uniesse 52'
$300usd p/h

Mega Yachts

Pershing 64'


Princess 74'

Sunseeker 74'

Sunseeker 82"

Azimut 85"

Ferreti 90 "

Azimut 100 "


Fishing & Party Boats

Hatteras 41"

Phoenix 31" I

Phoenix 31" II

Bertram 31"

Viking 44"

Bertram 46"

Asterix 55" (Party Boat)

Post Boat 46"

Defender 46'

Hatteras 60'




Coming to Cancun or the Riviera Maya? Enjoy your time having the best service on board! Cancun Catamrans is the place to go sailing on the Mexican Caribbean. Enjoy a 4 hour tour or full day, shared or private catamaran. Snorkeling included. We have catamarans for small groups up to 250 people, we have what you need!

Sea Passion

Sea Garet


Sea Dancer





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